My students keep asking me what UX books and articles they should read, here are a few of my favorites. Feel free to come back here, I’ll update this page regularly:

UX Strategy

Jaime Levy: UX Strategy

An excellent book about what UX brings to the business strategy table. Jaime Levy certainly knows what she is talking about. More about UX Strategy. More about the book here.







Karin Schmidlin Reading listAarron Walter: Designing for Emotion

This is one of the most recent book I bought and read. It’s a fantastic resource and really got me thinking on how to design for people. I don’t leave the house without it. Beautifully written, the book is only 100-pages long, but I promise it’s full of meaningful and insightful stuff. Order it here. 







Designing for Touch

Josh Clark: Designing for Touch

My favorite book right now, even though it’s a slim volume, it’s chock-full with immensely useful info. This book is for anybody who is designing for mobile devices. Order the book right here on A Book Apart.







Karin Schmidlin's Reading ListJesmond Allen and James Chudley: Smashing UX Design

This one costs an arm and a leg. But it’s probably the book I reach for the most. It’s a fantastic resource for UX novices as well as seasoned pros. The current price on Amazon is over $840, I guess it’s out of print, but I’m sure you can find it at a library.







Alex Osterwalder: Business Model Generation

You might wonder why I put this book on my UX reading list. Well, if you’re at all interested in building products that sell, than this business book is a must. Get it here. 






Karin Schmidlin's Reading ListLeah Buley: The User Experience Team of One

I heard Leah Buley speak at IxD in San Francisco in February 2015 and bought this book right afterward. As pretty much all books by Rosefeld Media, this one is fantastic and to the point. Order it here.