Jamii.Global  is a virtual incubation platform for entrepreneurs around the world developed by a small team at the Conrad, Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre at the University of Waterloo. This virtual platform aims to provide startup teams with learning modules and a support network that allows them to build a successful venture. It also gives the users the necessary tools for any future ventures. The word Jamii is Swahili, meaning ‘community’ and highlights the social nature of our platform. Read more about Jamii. 

WOMP Karin Schmidlin

WOMP! is a multiplayer video game for Xbox developed by a team of 5. WOMP! won best Student Game at the 2011 Canadian Video Game Awards and received seed money from Microsoft Game Studios under the leadership of Don Mattrick.

Team Members: Bryant Drew Jones, Salvia Dhall, Dave Marhal, Bryan Clarke, and myself.

Read more about WOMP!